Urges Díaz-Canel to strengthen the light industry with quality products and good taste

The President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, advocated strengthening the Cuban light industry with the offer of quality products and good taste, by reviewing the development of this activity that, he meant, plays a decisive role in satisfying the needs of our population and in the national economy by substituting imports and increasing exports. He described as encouraging the investments made by the Light Industry Business Group (Gempil) and that they are reversing the situation in which this industry was found, including the modernization of the Inejiro Asanuma spinning mill in Gibara and the soap shavings plant in Suchel. In addition, today two investments are being made in the Mariel Special Development Zone for cleaning products and disposable diapers; as well as the technological modernization for the production of newspapers, uniforms and sanitary pads. Díaz-Canel considered that the country is in a position to develop a range of high-impact Cuban brand products that can even be exported. He reiterated the call to link with the Higher Institute of Design and the Faculties of Architecture, which have extensive work in this area. He also stressed the idea of ​​making products of the economic line that are also characterized by quality and beauty, «they have to be worthy products for our population,» he said. He distinguished as a good example what has been done in recent years with the Cuban Furniture Industry, which went from being completely collapsed to making productions of the highest quality and comfort that are used today in Cuban hotels. As explained by the president of Gempil, Roberto Cabrera Zamora, the feasibility study for a new investment within the Holguin spinning mill will soon be presented, which will allow increasing the production of floor blankets. He commented that the resuscitation that in recent times the light industry has been undergoing allowed more than 3,000 workers to be unavailable

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